Quote of the Week: Eugene Burger

One of the most powerful thinkers in the Mystery Performances, someone that truly understood Magic as a transformational and symbolic practice, the master Eugene Burger.

It is my theoretical approach to understand Mentalism not as a “branch of Magic” but as an allied form.

But in the presence of Eugene, I can reconcĂ­liate with Magic, and understand Mentalism as a magical performance artform. In Mentalism, we have the opportunity to still elicit the true pure form of Mystery.

That Mystery that stays like that.

Eugene understanding of Meaning, the metaphorical truths in Mystery Performance, his presence and philosophical point of views are highly recommended for any Magician, Mentalist or Bizarrist.

If Magic is about Transformation, what is Mentalism about?

What is the meaning that you share in each peformance or act?

Are you offering something more than just the PSI phenomena?

Reflect about that this week, Im sure that you can arrive to new insights

Good week!


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