Quote of the Week: Jeff McBride

A new week, and a new quote. This time, from the Master Magician Jeff McBride, a fantastic insight that I invite you to reflect this 7 days ahead.

What is your magical experience?

Do you have one?

What are you offering in your performances?

What if the gift that you are giving to others with your Mentalism?

If you want a magical experience, you need to search it, you need to invest, you need to focus.

Jeff has his own Mystery School, Kenton has the "Inner Sanctum Gathering", and you can find other situations and events in which you can initiate your journey as a magical being.

Dont do Magic, BE Magic.
Dont do Mentalism, BE Mentalism
Dont do Mysteries, be Mystery.

If you dont observe this aspect of your performance in conscious way, you know what? You are giving something that maybe you dont know that you are giving!

Maybe you are giving people a destructive emotion, maybe you are using symbols that are not being constructive, maybe your message is separating people, maybe you are showing yourself as a superior person and you give people the idea that they are "fools", etc...

So, search your Magical Experience, open your mind and be conscious about the gift that you can offer to others, I am sure that you can offer good things to your world.

Have a wonderful week! 


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