Quote of the Week: Paul Voodini

This week ,a fantastic and simple to the point quote from the Paranormal Master

Although these words are aimed to the seance performers, they are highly valid in our context as Mentalists.
I found that there is no point in working your material with powerful credibility and realism, if your Ego is still being in the middle of the Mystery

I mean, who is the center of the experience? You as the clever performer?

If that is the case, maybe the stage is not your place, but psychotherapy, and I say this with all the kindness possible.

The stage is not the space to be ego-maniac. The stage is your sacred space in which you can connect your audience with the Mysteries, with the forgotten secrets and moments.

In leaving space for real Mysteries, and letting your audience and participants be the true main characters, your Mentalism will be much more impactful.
You dont need the ultimate gimmick or electronic gizmo to do that, but a true change of paradigm.

Are you ready to do that transformation? I hope so !

Have a wonderful and ego-less week 


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