What we can learn about: Kenton Knepper-Metal Bending

If you are learning this, I can infer that you are interested in deeper ideas, not just in the mainstream superficial trends of tricks in Mentalism.

Did you saw that short video from Kenton? What do you think about it?

If you follow my work, you know that one of my key points in Mentalism is Realism.  Mentalism can be a REAL experience of Mystery for your participants and audience.

There are some performers who treat Metal Bending as the new cool visual trick, and they dont just communicate that in their verbals, but also in the non-verbals. Fast movements, "fooling techniques", all the actions that just let people know that they are seeing a performer with fast hands doing a cool "spoon trick" .

As you can see in this wonderful example from Kenton, everything is done slowly, without any need of hide a movement, and you can really feel that what he is doing is totally real. No subterfuge, no unnecessary words, just pure Mystery.

Yes, the mainstream trend is just one style. A style that is fabricated to sell, to create customers, not real performers or artist.

And I deny that mainstream with all my heart and mind. 

Mentalism is a wonderful performance artform that deserves much more careful thinking and love.

PLEASE, if you do any type of Metal Bending, learn from this video and the ideas that I am offering in here, and of course, if you want to learn more about the master Kenton Knepper, you can get his Metal Bending Secrets Course in HERE

You dont need the ultimate bender or cool gimmick. You need the REAL secrets, and those secrets are only taught by the REAL masters.


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