One secret of "Intuition" !

One of the beautiful aspects of Mentalism is that we can add to our toolkit several techniques and ideas that are legitimate.
In this manner "Realism" in Mentalism is not just a performing technique, but a true and authentic aspect of it. You are being REAL because you ARE REAL.

Ideomotor Response is one example. You can use it in Pendulum work or as a mean to do Contact Mind Reading.

Yes, some of this legitimate techniques are more advanced, and for that same reason, sometimes the initiated in Mentalism will not be near this approach.

But I have a secret for you. Intuition, which is other legitimate technique starts in a VERY SIMPLE manner.

Do you know what it is?

Just allow SPACE in your performance do let intuition flow.
You ARE already intuitive, you just dont know that you are.

If you let Intuition to be part, it will be.

Imagine that you are doing the routine "Spanish Oracle" , which is an unwritten Q&A piece using a Spanish Deck of cards that has a solid method and design which works without the need of intuitive insights, BUT if you allow intuition to be part of the experience, your reading and moments with your participant and audience will be in other level.

The symbols of the cards, the confidence that you will have in the core method and all the ambiance will allow YOU to believe that Intuition will flow in that context. Maybe with something simple that you receive such as a color or a name, or a sequence of insights and ideas that will offer a REAL impact to the experience.

You can still use you favorite Mentalism methods, but allow space, be silent so the Mystery can talk.


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