Quote of the Week: Derren Brown

A fantastic idea that you can reflect during your week, from the modern master Derren Brown (from his book "Absolute Magic")

What are you elicitating in your performance?

I have seen performers that, because they dont reflect about their actions, they lower their pitch of voice, they lower their body posture and they literally treat their audiences like a kid´s entertainer.

I have nothing against kid´s entertainer of course, but especially in Mentalism, we need to realize that our audiences are mature enough to understand the mystery that we are creating for them, and treat them as they deserve it.

Maybe with magic tricks you are bringing the "inner child", but in Mentalism, you are confronting the mature mind into the mental mysteries, and thats were our essential value is. The mystery of Mentalism is confrontational and sometimes even uncomfortable, and that is fine. Uncertainty is part of the understanding.

I hope that during the week you can let people enjoy your Mentalism, keeping this thought in mind.


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