Quote of the Week: Ormond Mc Gill

This great quote and realization comes from Ormond McGill and his “Presentations of Miracle Effects”.  

A miracle is an unique event, a serious and intellectual moment of awe. As soon as you trivialize the experience, it lose potential. 

So interesting to contrast his views with thr modern mainstream, in which practicality and repetition are a constant condition and desire.

Dont get me wrong, it is a great addition to know practical routines that you can perform with borrowed objects or even propless, but dont limit your explorations and acts for those aspects

A good modern example of this is my friend Art Vanderlay. If you read his works, you know that some of his ideas in Elemental Manipulation can take preparation and good work, but if you manage to perform the effectively, you could reach a true level of miracle worker.

Think for a moment....anyone can change a card or bend a coin, but change the Moon, or make UFO appears, it is a new level without a doubt.

Miracles can create legends, miracles create transcendent stories. Be open abot them and push your limits.

Leave those playing cards aside, stop doing common tricks. Lets face it, people dont care inherently about ACAAN at all. Yes, a good performer will engage his audience with cards, but why not explore those areas that are inherently interesting to people? 

Ormond Mc Gill is an underground author for many, in which we can learn 
 new perspectives to reach new levels in our performances, which are highly needed in this modern ere of superficial reactions and fake Mentalist.

Dont be a fake, offer always your best and study proper material and ideas.

Have a good and miraculous week!


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