Quote of the Week: Richard Webster

Richard is one of the nicest persons in our community, and for me this is highly more important than being a genius creative or powerful performer.

Lets face it, we have several heroes and master in Mentalism that are toxic and egotistical individuals, and it is fine of course and valid.

But before working in your Mentalism act, work in your social skills.

And if you are in the slightest interested in Readings, Richard is one of the essential authors. This quote comes from his book "Cold Reading Variations", which you can find in HERE. 

From one perspective, we can see that the most important factor in Readings is the participant (if you are working in an entertainment context) or client/sitter (if you are doing Readings in a private context), right?

It is a beautiful and humanistic perspective to have in your mind.

And, if we go deeper, we can also realize that YOU are the motor, the initial agent in that social dynamic. YOU are the person that frames every expectation and desire in Readings. YOU are the person responsible to add a smile, openness and gratitude as value in the Reading.


Be grateful for that experience. Maybe you can bring some light, some good, some little bit of transformation to your participant, why not?

Dont desire that...Dont be attach to it, but truly offer your best and be grateful of any outcome.

People are interested in people. They will not hire you or contact you because you are a "good performer/reader". They want YOU and person.

And thats the truly differentiation value. YOUR PERSON.

Be open, be fun, have fun and open the mind of your participant/clients with your state of mind.

Have a fun week! 


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