What are you experiencing?

Life is simple. Life is all about the experiences that you are having.

Having props, a wonderful collection of props and all the gimmicks that you want is fine if you use them as tools but NO object will substitute a true and human experience.

I love technology and I am thankful for internet and all the digital advancements, of course, but we need to be aware that NO Digital Lecture that you can buy nowadays in the comfort of your house will substitute a LIVE lecture.

Struggle means appreciation.
Effort means focus.
Investment means that you care.

Being out of your comfort zone means that new things are coming, and if you love Mentalism, I invite you to constantly go out of your comfort zone.

Go and perform what you know. Go and support live performances. Go and enjoy live events.

Today, I am lecturing for the 2nd time at my mentor house. My new Minimal Mentalism III (you can get it in here) will be alive today, full of powerful conversations, insights and interactions with my new friends.

I am not a superhuman or a special person. I am just someone that loves Mentalism, that works daily and enjoys the journey. 

Work hard consistently and let life surprise you!


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