Quote of the Week: Kenton Knepper

Such a beautiful and succint insight from my mentor Kenton Knepper, from his L.E.T. essay, available in his upcoming book "Kenton Principles"

What is enchantment?
Are you boring as performer?
Are you lacking of enchantment?
It is our goal to be just entertaining?

Yes, it is part of our practices to be "entertaining", especially in commercial situations, to offer a "good time of entertainment", no doubt, but we can offer MUCH MORE. What is the core difference between any type of Entertainment and Mystery Entertainment? The Mystery!

Thats the reason why is so important to develop an identity that offers not just entertainment with your communicational, theatrical and Mentalism skills, but also enchantment. You dont just need to offer Mentalism as a service, but you need to BE physical manifestation of Mentalism. Just your presence alone must be enchanting, and this is beyond "effective communication" and stage presence. Enchantment works in others deeper levels that are invisible, yet, people can feel.

Mentalism sometimes feels boring to people because we tend to think that we are there to "lecture" them or "convince them" about the mind phenomena that we elicit. You are not a lecturer or a convincer. You are a Mystery Performer. 
Offer the best so they can experience a little bit of Mystery.

And how can you that? With the latest gimmick? The new cool trick that the marketplace forces you to buy?

No, with your own development, from the inside out.
From your own enchantment.

If you want to learn more about this wonderful concept, be sure to get Kenton´s new book!  In HERE

Have an enchanting week! 


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