Quote of the Week: Richard Osterlind

This week, a powerful insight about realism and subtext from Richard Osterlind, which you can find in his Principles of Mentalism book.

You can see in Richard’s theory and performances a powerful focus in the importance of an  inner credible process and restrictions in your abilities.

If you can read minds, why are you not in the casinos ?
If you can bend metal, why are you not saving the world with your abilities?
If you can predict the newspaper, why you didnt tell us about that earthquake?

Not only the realism of your performance can be damaged, but even your integrity as human.

What is the learning for us then? Reflect about the backstory of your identity as performer!
If you claim telepathic abilities, observe your strengths and also your weakness. For example, you can only read minds if that metaphysical thought is written down in physical format. An important aspect about subtext is that you DONT need to explicitly say it!
If you really need to say it, you can, but it is powerful in itself as part of your subtext. That alone will guide your actions.

This is just an example, works for me, and maybe for you, but I encourage you to not use this, and came up with your own implicit motivations. You are already an unique person, apply that uniqueness in your performance.

Lottery is other theme that if you want to use, you need to reflect about this carefully.

This is what I did in “Credible Lottery” from the exclusive “Arkanosophy Utility Deck” eBook

In this manner, you will offer your audience a credible and crafted mystery, if you can achieve excellence, why not?

I hope that these ideas can inspire you, have a good week!


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