Elements & Zodiac Signs

If you want to use themes in performance such as zodiac signs, elements, palm reading and others which are related, it is not enough to just learn stock lines (as a matter of fact , dont do it!) or just your favorite anagram.

REALLY study this arts and mystic knowledges.

Save this graphic in your phone and TRULY learn each element and their zodiac signs, it is not difficult at all if you find a good mnemonic technique.

I will offer you one of my own visual mnenomic techniques:

For AIR: Imagine a balance and each place on the balance has one face. On top of this a floating guy throwing water.

At Mentalism Center we have several "Zodiac Mentalism" routines that you can learn, and in my new book "Telepathic Artifacts", I offer my "Explorgram", which is an interesting approach in the use of Anagrams, which features also my Progressive Anagram that has interesting options.


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