Quote of the Week: Lewis Le Val

 This week our feature insight comes from Lewis Le Val, fantastic Mystery Performer and Modern Mystic. One of the members of the young creators in Mentalism who is applying the spiritual practices in practical and powerful ways.

New wallets for performers are released every time, which is great without a doubt, but WE are the problem most of the time, due our tendency as community in being focus in the incorrect aspects of performance.

How can you justify the use of a wallet?
Why placing the written card back to the wallet?

As Lewis says, as soon as we create the problem with our “fooling/magician” logic, people will perceive a problem. The thing is that there is NO problem to begin with!

Thats why the “JUST do it” way is so powerful.
As soon as you just use your wallet (or anything) without conscious effort, and conscious focus into the Outer Reality of your performance, ANY prop will be incidental, casual, non-relevant and invisible.

Dont create “a moment” of that. So the question now emerges:
“What are the moments that you create in performance?”

Thats why it is so important to understand a telepathic experience from the Outer Reality. 

What do you want to offer to your audience?

This topic and much more are presented in my new book “Telepathic Artifacts”, which is on pre-order!

Next time you use your wallet, dont even mention it!
Ask your participant to write his thought (take a piece of paper from your wallet). As soon as he finishes it, take it back ad say:
“Lets keep it outside our physical perception for a moment...”
Just that!

And now? Focus in the Telepathic Experience!

Thanks Lewis for your work, which is highly needed in Modern Mentalism! 


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