Quote of the Week: Tony Andruzzi

This wonderful insight comes from his conversation with Eugene Burger, at “Eugene Goes Bizarre” , available at Magicflix! 

The invitation from Tony is to understand performance not as an “acting” endeavour, but as an authentic expression.

Indeed, Mystery Performance is a powerful tool for self-knowledge.

If you want to just do tricks, obviously, you dont need to go further. Just learn tricks.
If you understand Mystery Performance as a true way, an artistic expression and powerful language, you NEED to consciously focus into the development of your identity as performer. Your strengths, your weakness, your threats and opportunities. 

Only in that manner you will reach authenticity.

Theatrical techniques and knowledge is highly relevant in our practices. Staging, voice managment, body understanding, etc. But what we do must feel real, in an human way. We are not actors, we are Mystery Performers.

Thanks Tony for your powerful ideas!


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