Connection is the number one priority that we need in order to create a successful performance.

Reach connection with yourself, with the routine that you are performing, with your participant and your audience.

How to connect?

There are many techniques that I can offer you from my experience as performer and psychologist, but the TRUE effective and REAL piece of insight that I can offer you is this: CARE.

There is no "technique" that substitute authenticity.

If you really care, you will let connection flow naturally.

In my book "Telepathic Artifacts" I offer several artifacts (applied techniques) that you can use in the context of a telepathic experience. Legitimate artifacts that dont come from a "deception" or a "simulation" space. Dont fake it, be real.

Who is your connection?

If you are finding that your connection with your-self, with your routines and with your audience and participants is lacking, congratulations! Being aware is the first step towards change.

Now it is YOUR responsibility to change.


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