Quote of the Week: David Blaine

David Blaine is without a doubt one of the most powerful Magicians alive. His first TV special was a revolution in many sense.
Personally, he gave me the initial appreciation of mystery performance and the new possibilities that he opened.

What I found fascinating about David is his approach to performance in terms of the participant experience. He dont care about “trick” people at all.
 “Deception”, or even “illusion” is not part of his language.
He understand that Magic is real, that Mystery is real as an experience, and that the Inner Reality is secondary.

David is a curator of what I call the “Human Magic”, truly pushing what is possible, imagining trans-humanism without the need of machinery or metal, but flesh and bones.

He can do a good double lift, but he can also hold his breath. The inner technique is not relevant, what is relevant is the Outer Reality and the ego-less beautiful performance that he offers

He performs, and he runs away.
He channels mystery, and then the experience is the feature.

Mystery Performance is not about us, is about them and the Mystery.

We dont need PSI abilities to create telepathic experiences.
We dont need to actually know Magick to create a magical experience
but we need to truly understand how to be extraordinary while being ordinary.

Learn your craft, explore your artifacts. Dont be superfitial and respect Magic and Mentalism.

Thanks David for all your powerful Magic , without tricks!
You prepared the field for many of us... I will be always grateful for that.


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