Quote of the Week: Terence Mckenna

At Mentalism Center we understand that in order to explore your potential as Mentalist, you need to study not just Mentalism. In previous “Quotes of the Week” we featured Carl Jung, Dale Carnegie and others. In this one, we invite Terence Mckenna, one of the most interesting polymath of our time.

Psychonaut, philosopher, modern shaman, thought provocateur, and more!

So, you are a Mystery Performer. You know what is performance and how you can do it...but you know what is mystery? 

Science, Arts Philosophy and Spirituality (the four pillars of Gnosis) are grounded in mystery, and this fantastic quote from Terence shows us a little bit of the powerful and subtle aspects of these concepts.

Are you offering mysteries?
Are you offering unsolved problems (puzzles)?

After the performance, what happens? 

Do you try to just fool people (dark) or you are offering them a new experience of fun and insight (light)?

This week, before you perform, keep this differences in mind. Maybe, just maybe, you dont need to invest money in the latest cool gimmick that the marketplace is offering you, but time in the routines that you already know and you can polish.

Have a wonderful trip! 


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