Derren Brown Secret: My experience

I am now at NY (until tomorrow) with my wife.

Two days ago I saw Derren and his new show "Secret". If you have the slightest interest in powerful, elegant and authentic Mentalism, YOU NEED to see it.

Mentalism can be a powerful artform, relevant to modern audience, and Derren shows that and much more. His show uses the mental mysteries as a path to express his own personal present message, which is uplifting, real and human. 

Yes, watching someone doing wonderful psychic demonstrations is amazing and mysterious, but being able to be human in the superhuman, to be ordinary in the extraordinary, takes a lot of time, effort and passion.

Im so glad and happy that Mentalism is being presented with such respect and elegance, that I am very thankful to Derren and his team for everything.

And most important, a gentleman.

Yes, we have our differences in paradigms regarding the psychic phenomena, and he still install the disclaimer to people that the non-ordinary realities are non-existent, still I have the most upper respect and gratitude for his unique show and care for Mystery

I feel that he is being less atheist and more agnostic, which personally I found more artistic.

What? You want to know what he did in the show?
1. Who cares? Is Derren´s show ! (PLEASE dont start to copy his routines or stagings)
2. It is a secret 

This teaches us something. It is NOT what you do but HOW you do it.
And Derren does what he does in an excellent and powerful manner.

Thanks Derren for your secrets!


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