Quote of the Week: Richard Osterlind

Today we feature one of the most important Mentalists from the present era. A creative force that reminds us the essence of mystery, Richard Osterlind.

This quote comes from his latest book “lnside my Mind”, an incredible collection of ideas that you NEED to learn and constantly remember( you can get it in his site)

It doesnt matter if you are a Magician or a Mentalist, our common concept and state is mystery. WE are Mystery Performers. Thats our tool, our goal and our channel of entertainment. You dont need to add anything else.

Mentalism is about the mystery of the mind, if you add something else, PLEASE BE respectful about the mystery. Comedy, Magic, and any other practice can be a valid addition as a way of individual expression but NEVER allow the mystery to be trivialized.

People LOVE Mentalism. People LOVE Magic. People LOVE mystery.

There is a primal need in human beings to be confronted with mysteries. Not just events that they cant understand, but experiences that are truly unknowable. Thats the reason why competent Mentalism is much more than just learn tricks. Nobody will enter into a zone of Mentalism just by using clever tricks. Anyone can learn cool tricks. That is not enough. 

Thats why Mentalism Center exists. We are moving the state of the art to needed spaces and conversations, and the new book from Richard is an incredible addition to your studies as Mentalists if you want to follow this path.

Thanks Richard for your friendship and constant inspiration !


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