Quote of the Week: Stuart Palm

This week, I invite you to reflect about this beautiful quote from my friend and brother in Mentalism, the great Stuart Palm.

I loved this quote that appeared in a casual online conversation because the simplicity and the power that encloses. Do you know the classic one from Dunninger?

Can you appreciate the difference?

 No explanation is necessary!
Dont explain your mysteries. Let them appreciate your acts, however they want.

You are not in there to challenge anyone, but to invite them to a beautiful moment of mental mysteries.

Are your acts mysterious?
Are your acts beautiful?

Mentalism can be an art, no doubt, but also it can be on top of the artistic expression for a simple reason. Mentalism explores mystery, which is a higher value, that precedes language. Mystery was indeed the original motivation of shamans, and they found in the artistic expression a beautiful way to express those mysteries.

All artforms are expressions of mysteries, but Mentalism can explore them even further than most modern artistic expressions. That is why, individual “belief system” is not important in the confrontation of a powerful mystery. 
In that moment when your audience experiences mystery, each member of the audience reminds for one second the absolute presence of human essence.

Let them enjoy your Mentalism, dont explain!

Thanks Stuart this wonderful quote !


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