Quote of the Week: Henning Nelms

This week, we feature an insight from an essential theory book. Henning Nelms-Magic & Showmanship is a must if you want to explore deeper into the possibilities that you have in your own path in Mystery Performances.

YOU are the extra factor that differentiates a powerful performance and a mediocre one.

It is normal in our beginnings to just learn the “trick” and rush into someone to show it. That is the normal state of the art that most people expect from a “Magician”, which is honestly very sad, but at the same time a powerful opportunity for you to change that.

A “trick is accepted for newbies without instruction and for innocent child's. NOT for you if you consider yourself a responsible and mature human.
If you can be excellent, BE excellent.

In any other art-form is no-sense to claim a label of recognition if you just started to learn the craft. I started to play guitar at 14 and even though I knew some chords, in any way I considered myself a musician or guitarist at that time. As soon as I found an authentic sense of expression with the instrument I could dare to be called a guitarist.

Why Mystery Performance should be different?

Thats why our routine and pieces are just excuses. People dont care if you are doing the ultimate ACAAN that everyone is doing because is “so clean”. People care about powerful narratives, they care about you and most importante, they care about themselves.

Meaning is the ultimate goal, not just entertainment.

If you want to learn more about this powerful conversations, get a copy of “Magic & Showmanship” and expand your understandings ❗️


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