Quote of the Week: Patrik Kuffs

Patrik Kuffs is not just a very funny performer onstage, but a powerful thinker (and most important, a kind person).

This insight comes from his At The Table experience, and I rescue this quote due the fact I love how he understand the power of attitude as technique in performance.

He is for the embodiment of the “sacred fool”. He knows and understand the essence of performance, and he is so serious about it, that he can present himself as not-that-serious.

This phrase opens our mind to all technical dimensions. Our hands are not the only part of the body that are part of our technical toolkit.
Our body posture, our tone voice, our mind focus, our emotional and spiritual focus during performance are indeed part of our techniques.

Attitude will allow you be bold, and to be able to reach new levels in your techniques. Maybe you dont need a better “pass” or peek wallet, but a new understanding of your body as part of the dynamics. Your body, mind, soul and spirit will actually allow you to focus direction.

My friend Aaron Vlack uses the acronym BFF (Bold as F*ck) and we can understand it as a transversal competence. All routines deserves a powerful attitude form your part.

Thanks Patrik for the inspiration!


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