Quote of the Week: Tony Doc Shiels

This week we have a common, but still powerful reminder from the master mysteriosophist Tony Doc Shiels, from his book “The Shiels Effect”.

Similar quotes and ideas were said by others (Theo Annemann, Richard Osterlind, etc) which also appreciate the higher importance of the result of the performance, placing method and techniques as a way and not as a goal.

Personally, I accept this core idea, but in creative terms, it is not always the case. Sometimes we just play with a mechanical technique or a particular prop and some interesting result and use appears, which then can be the functional engine for a mysterious experience.

Dont enclose creativity. Be open and start from any point to draw your pictures.

Also, the linear paradigm effect-method is not satisfactory in my experience as performer. Life is more complex than a simple causality. Thats why the concepts of “Inner and Outer Reality” are present in my work.

“Outer Reality is more relevant than the Inner Reality”

What you let experience others is always (and in here I can be more declarative) more important of what you do.

We perform not just because or own ego and pleasure (which is without a doubt relevant), but for people. The final meaning is in the interpersonal interaction.

So, put your mind in what you want to create, and then found a way to create it.

People deserve and need powerful mystery, and you are the self-elected.


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