Review: Aaron Alexander-(P)SYNC

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Aaron Alexander is truly one of the most fascinating creators in Modern Mentalism for a simple reason; his Outer and Inner Realities are in complete harmony. By that I mean that everything that he creates doesnt need two simultaneous realities from the performer´s perspective.

Aaron Alexander-(P)Sync is a glimpse into the mind of a powerful and fresh creator in Mystery Performance. A highly needed force, offering a performance approach that offer us a lot of reflections about authenticity and the higher power of sincerity instead of deception.

What you do in your Inner Reality of methods, techniques and secret actions are not secrets. The Inner Reality becomes the Outer Reality.

There is nothing to hide, or either camouflage.
You are sharing with people a true sense of Magic and Mystery.

This type of harmonies are normal in Pendulum work or Readings, and achieving this in Mentalism is a huge universe to explore.

In my own work, I am constantly exploring new ways, and I can assure you that "deception" or "fooling" is less and less important in a world in which authenticity is needed.

Especifically, (P)Sync is a performative demonstration of connection in which thoughts are truly felt. You as the performer will feel your participant focused mind, and your participant will feel the power of his own mind in the process in a kinesthesic way.

I love how Aaron explains his work in two levels: The Physical and Interpersonal Techniques, which opens as a conceptual declaration the notion that I also offer at the "Four Technical Dimensions" Video Lecture

Aaron style of performance doesnt feel like a performance at all. It is a social dynamic in which interesting and mysterious event ocurr, without need of theatrical licenses. You are being a vulnerable human, showing something magical with other vulnerable human.

If you know the "Suggestion Force" from my book Ideas about Pendulums, you will find similar psychological aspects, which I am glad that Aaron found and explore in interesting ways.

If you want just a self-working trick, go elsewhere, but if you are interested not just in a new routine, but a new set of concepts and a fresh approach to the creation of mysterious and entertaining dynamics, I cant recommend this work enough!

Thanks Aaron to share with us your creative mind!


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