1. the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

Synergy is a beautiful concept, that offers an unique complexity and combination of ideas that we can truly use both in our Inner Reality and Outer Reality as Mystery Performers.

Obviously, we can use it as theme in any performing piece in which you can see it fit. A clear example is the routine "Synergy" that you can get at the "Romantic Mentalism" chapter of "Simply Mental II". 

A couple, after a synchronization experience, is able to find not just a beautiful symbol in a stack of cards, but also, the ONLY symbol available. It is a minimalistic and beautiful routine that I love to share and give to couples. Most Magician are doing "Anniversary Waltz" , but you now can give a beautiful souvenir that encloses a mysterious experience and metaphor like no other.

You can also use synergy in the design of your routine. A classic example is the "methodological cancellation" that you can apply when using two different principles in conjunction. Thats pure "Synergy", a combination of elements that offer a bigger result than just the addition of both elements.

You can also use it in such common practices as your interpersonal relations. Collaborate with others, be kind and empower!

You can also apply synergy in the design of your multi-phase routine using book test!

If you get our "3 for $150" offer, you will have fantastic creative options!

Lets see one example:

1. You can get our 195 Maps (Both Mindreading and Prediction) and the Magnifique Book Test. 

So you can invite three participants onstage to experiment with some books. You can have several ones, from diverse topics, and just hand the ones that you need! (This is a dynamic that I use when I use book tests and the freedom that you express with that is great). So, one of your participants will take the book and just think on one of the countries, while the other just peek one of them. Finally the third participants takes the ungimmicked book and choose any page. Then the "Magnifique" gimmick is used to force the word that you want.

Now as a warm up, you read the mind of your 2nd participant (which just peek a country) and then from a velvet bag that you have in full view (MultiVelvet Bag) you will not only reveal the country that the participant is thinking but also the WORD!

As you can see, mindreading and powerful two-information prediction, just using common objects such as book, a velvet bag and a magnifying glass!

In this example, you can see the synergy in the methodological aspect of using forces, peeks and the MultiVelvet Bag.

So, add "Synergy" into your language and use it, it is truly a super-power in our modern era of individualism and simplistic views.


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