Quote of the Week: Harlan Tarbell

Today, we have a powerful quote from Dr. Harlan Tarbell, the man behind the BEST course for Magicians, and a must read for any serious Mentalist.

As you can see in this video, he was a master in powerful Mentalism. Yes, a Magician can be a Mentalist, as soon as he understand that both practices are worthy of excellence. Most of the times Magicians cant do Mentalism because they are not really Magicians but Tricksters, and this quote from Dr. Tarbell shows a beautiful aspect in the essence of Mystery Performance.

A Magician does Magic
A Mentalist does Mentalism
A Trickster does tricks.

Is as simple, and as deep as that.

A brush doesnt create a beautiful painting. It doesnt matter how expensive is the guitar, it will not create powerful music.

It is the person that uses the tool in an effective way.

Our Inner Artifacts and technologies are just that, tools. 
It doesnt matter how many Center Tears you know, if you dont create a credible mindreading experience with them, you will just do a trick. A cool trick for sure, but a trick.

Go beyond that. Study the principles, open your mind to the deeper understanding that Mystery Performance deserves.

That is why I wrote "Birreal". More than 200 colleagues and friends around the world now have this booklet/eBook (for FREE) in which I offer the initiation towards a paradigm that will change the perspectives that you have in what you do.

Thanks Dr. Harlan Tarbell for all your beautiful insights! 


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