Quote of the Week: Maurice Fogel

Welcome to the first 2020 Quote of the Week, a powerful reminder from Maurice Fogel. This quote comes from the interview that he gave with Corinda at “13 Steps” (which is my favorite section of the book).

How many routines do you “know”?
How many routines do you master?
Do you have “one” piece that is “your routine”?

The “consumism mindset” affects us in unconscious ways, leading us to believe that in order to be better, we “need” always more. Obviously our creative path is expanded in the diversity of techniques, approaches and pieces, but we need to always remember that true excellence in Mystery Performance lies in focus.

Focus to understand that is far better and wiser to truly master ONE piece or flexible technique that you can do in your performing context.

Mindreading with billets (Bert Reese), Q&A and Contact Mindreading (Kreskin), Mindreading with three envelopes (Bob Cassidy). Some people choose to master propless techniques, others swami technique, or in my case, Equivoque in order to create quality and flexible experiences.

Find and choose your focus, and start to truly aim for quality!

Our world, your world deserves the best Mystery Performance available

Are you up to that need?

Thanks Maurice for those insights!


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