Quote of the Week: Robert Nelson

This week, we have a simple and powerful insight from Robert Nelson. This quote appears in his “Encyclopedia of Mentalism”

A Prelude to Mystery.

Some time ago someone asked me: “Pablo, how can I do a propless zodiac revelation?” I suggest to him our “Zodiac Mentalism” section  at Mentalism Center but I also offer him a reminder:

“Dont learn just the core method, but also learn about astrology, horoscopes and everything that you can! Doing a cool reveal is not enough!”

Indeed, for us is very easy to just pretend to know about the themes that we use in performance. You just talk about the ESP symbols and then you do your routine...but what happens if your participant is well versed in parapsychology and you just know how to read secret marks?

Be respectful with Mentalism, and go deeper in your studies. The legitimate Mystic Arts are fascinating and a well invested time.

Other example is Tarot. I have an experimental Tarot Act, in which I do, using various dynamics, readings onstage, showing people the powerful symbols.
After a performance, one of the members of the audience reached me to talk. She was indeed a professional reader, interested in my school and perspective of the cards and my reading approaches

Imagine if my performance was just simulation of expertice. Imagine if I was pretending to know.

No, we need to be better than that, and this quote from Robert Nelson reminds us that we need to aim to excellence, and adding legitimacy is a powerful way.

Have a great week! 


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