Quote of the Week: Kreskin

One of the most powerful living legends in Mentalism, which is highly missunderstod in the community, offers us this simple insight( from this interview )

An extraordinary performer, with an unique style and a beautiful classic sense of credibility. 

The word "Kreskin" is actually used as concept according Urban Dictionary...
Johnny Carson did a parody of him..." Carnac the Magnificent "...
He did a board game about ESP...
John Malkovich did "The Great Buck Howard" movie which talks about his life!

He did something right, dont you think? 

But Pablo... he is boring...he only does 3 or 4 tricks and they are always the same...he only talks in his shows..

Thats a classic argument that I read by the "experts", and I get that a trickster mind can work in this manner, but we need to see deeper and truly understand why he reached those levels of importance with his work (and still does).

And one of the words that encloses that is "empathy". 

He understood the role of the Mental Performer in society. 
He inspires people with his books, he is still in showbusiness at his 85 years, he is still offering the mind as theme conversation in different places.  

He is truly not just a performer, he is a social figure that has his story and he  shares it to the world.

What can you do to offer that?

Empathy is a first step towards Telepathy, and this living master reminds this both in performance and in real life.

During this week, be present to true empathy, not as “technique” but as a natural human condition and interaction. Observe how much true empathy will guide you towards the mysterious experience.

Empathy can be develop, empathy is a human skill that takes time but it will open new wonderful spaces for you both in performance and in real life.

Empathy is a inner artifact that works in all four levels (body, mind, soul and spirit) which is essential in order to expand your practice.

Thanks Kreskin for your amazing work and this simple reminder. In this modern world of individualism and superficialities, empathy is truly a needed superpower.


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