Quote of the Week: Tony Doc Shiels

The master polyartist Tony Doc Shiels understands the power of the mind as reality-creator center and the focus in all our endevours.

All realities are Mental.
All Magic is Mental
All Mentalism is Mental

Why? Because everything is Mental. All begins in our consciousness. 
If you know Hermetics, you can get the association with the first principle.

The idea of “Visual Magic” or the classic critic of Mentalism as “not visual” is no-sense. All experiences of mystery are indeed created in the participant mind, NOT in the Outer Perception. We can use the most “visual” magic trick or the most visual Spoon Bending, but if those efforts are perceived as mere tricks, they are not a mystery. A superficial surprise, a commercial piece of footage, sure, but not a mysterious moment.

Remember that mystery ISNT a mere emotion, but a state of being and absorb existence. Mystery is not about knowing, but about understanding.

So, this week the invitation is to focus in your goals regarding this quote. 

Your performances are aimed just to be an “eye candy”?

With this I dont mean that you cant add visual aesthetics to your performance, but if you use them, do it being present to the fact that this is not the end goal, but a path to the mind.

Thanks Tony for your insight! 


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