Realism and Birrealism

It is interesting to observe the concept of "Realism" in Mentalism adding also the concepts and ideas from my book "Birreal".

In philosophy and metaphysics, Realism is the view that an object exists in reality independently of our conceptual scheme. In theatre, Realism is related to a set of techniques and approaches that can bring a greater fidelity of real life to texts and performances.

"Realism" as concept in Mystery Performance is related to the theatrical concept, but goes beyond due to the inner characteristics of our performance art, and using the Birreal approach, we can understand it in a deeper way.

Normally, Realism alludes to the focus into leaving the idea that the performance was created using true psychic powers, and although it is a valid way to observe it, and I agree partially to that notion, I want to push deeper.

What if Realism is not about "real powers" but a "real experience"?

Realism then can take a new conceptual angle, in which our efforts as performers can aim to create in our Outer Reality a real mysterious experience for our audiences

Without a doubt, we can focus ourselves into creating a credible phenomena that people can perceive as a true demonstration and not a trick or theatrical representation, but in here we are not focusing Realism in the performance, but in ourselves.

Are you being REAL in your performance?
Are you being genuine, authentic and vulnerable?

Are you evoking a real experience that offers new artistic views, ideas, insights and symbolic metaphors, or you are just showing your alleges psychic skills?

We can then observe Realism both in the Inner Reality and in our Outer Reality,
In our Inner Reality, we can apply this "Intrapersonal Realism" in the study of different intuitive practices that can add realism to the phenomena in your performance. You can be aware of the importance of your own development as individual, and with that, allow your persona in performance to be real.

In our Outer Reality, we can be aware of our connection with our audience, with the meaning of our pieces, the "light" that our performance has (Light as small trascendental ideas), the symbolic elements, all those elements that can truly bring more power and a real sense of yourself to your performance.

Now, everytime that you read "BE Real", you will get both meanings of the phrase.


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