Integral Emotional Mentalism

Being superficial is an option that we cant take.

The movement of "Emotional Mentalism" allows us to understand the power in focusing into the emotional aspect of our performance. Emotions are everytime and everywhere and we dont need to do a routine in which the participants cries in order to do "Emotional" routines.

We can add a little bit of emotional depth in ANY routine. A classic way in which we can do this is in adding a reading after a mindreading or precognitive moment (I do that in my version of Annemann-Extra Sensory Perception using the Arkanosophy Symbol Deck) but other routines are especially designed with these dynamics.

Our "400 Emotions Book Test" allows that in several ways, and this is a perfect example of what I call "Integral Emotional Mentalism". In order to perform with this book, you dont need to "act" as if you care about your audience, or as if you are pretending to know what you are talking about.

YOU ACTUALLY NEED TO LEARN ABOUT EMOTIONS, from a true psychological perspective. 

Especially using "Emotional Mentalism" pieces, you need to be perceived as authentic and not just as false over-acting performer. 
There is a difference between being incredible and being non-credible.

That is why I offer in the complementary eBook a 101 Crash Course about emotions, emotional intelligence, and other concepts that you need to truly learn and apply in performing with this book.

 If you do Psychic type Mentalism, REALLY learn about intuition and PSI phenomena. If you like Psychological Mentalism and you dont know who Paul Ekman or Martin Seligman are, go back to your study phase.

We dont need to pretend to know if we can actually know.

Apply this "integral" approach to any style of performance that you do, in this manner our Mentalism will be excellent, transforming our minds from the trickster mindset into the mystery performer mindset.


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