Quote of the Week: Bob Cassidy

This beautiful insight from our Master Mindreader comes from his Q&A Masterclass from Penguin. It it an amazing and simple realization that is completely true, and especially for those who understand performance from other practical angles, the use of context as strategy is highly powerful.

I just arrive home, from doing a talk (as Psychologist) about human connection for nursing students. But of course (because I love it) I perform a little bit of Mentalism as metaphor for the main concept that we touch in that moment. 
People didnt expect a "Magician" or a "Tricky guy". They saw a speaker who did created an interesting moment of connection with other (I will offer this routine at the Exclusive Folder at our Online Mentoring)

So, because of my strategic approach to the experience, I am able to construct the Inner Reality of my performance in a casual way. As a matter of fact, the core method is VERY simple, and I didnt need more complexity due the context. 

In Bob´s words, they believed in me as a facilitator, not just the tricky magician trying to fool. And the most fun part is that you can take this approach even when you are strictly performing!

YOU are also part of the context. Your concepts and presuppositions of what you do and how you communicate to your audience will influence. So if you want to allow connection in deeper ways and "get away" with bold approaches to performance, you must change yourself first.

Stop looking performance as a "deception" and observe the deeper ways in which we can convey your own truth. Start watching your performance as a sacred excuse to connect with others in profound manners.

That is the power of "Psychic Entertainment" as a school of thought in the Mystery Performance. You are truly exploring themes and approaches that are less connected with the stereotype and the expectation of a "Magician" and more with that entity that can truly channel a mind-expanding experience.

And as Bob said, this is kind of an irony. When we try to "convince" people that already have a limiting belief from you as "trickster", they will be still convinced that what you do is completely fake, but if you are being REAL, genuine with your connection, understanding that the Inner Reality is a path and not the destination, you will be able to co-create with your audience a powerful experience that goes beyond this rational and normal reality.

Thanks Bob for all your inspiration! 

If you present as a trickster, people will assume that 


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