Quote of the Week: Richard Webster

What a way to start our week!
One of our living legends in Mentalism and Psychic Entertainer has a powerful book called "The Psychic Reader´s Toolbox", that now I consider a MUST for anyone interested in doing readings, both in entertaining settings and as professional service.

This quote is one of the first powerful tips that Richard offers, which is also extrapolated to Mentalism. 

In order to BE, you must DO. So, if you want to be a Reader, you must offer Readings. If you want to be a Mentalist, you must do Mentalism.

Do it without need of money. Do it because you want to share your passion. 
Do it because it will give people a new experience and insights.

As Richard said in the book, I also know several people who are experts in a theoretical level of a particular topic, but they have no real practical experience. They know ALL the books in Contact Mind Reading, but they have never use it!
They know ALL the books in "Cold Reading" but they dont know how to actually doing a reading (BTW, Cold Readings ISNT stock lines. Throw away that pre-fabricated barnum statements and start to be genuine in your interactions using a proper system, dont be "cold").

Practice a system, rehearse your dynamics and interaction and DO IT!

Yesterday I offer a one-hour brief workshop about pendulums at the "Virtual Mentalism Convention" (you can get the video and notes HERE) and this quote from Richard is not exception in pendulum work. As soon as you apply the ideas and approaches to facilitate a "Pendulum Experience" you NEED to share it with people. In the action of performing we are learning powerful lessons for your expansion.

If you get our Arkanosophy Tarot, you will learn the "Present Tarot System", which is my personal approach to reading cards, so you can go out there and offer people powerful intuitive and symbolic reminders.

Practice and rehearse in a excellent manner but DONT try to be perfect. You are just starting, dont be too hard in yourself. Be prepared, but also be open to understand that everyone is in the path of constant learning. Do the best you can, always.

Thanks Richard for your wonderful and simple insight! 


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