Quote of the Week: Uri Geller

Maybe you love it, maybe you hate it, but you are not indifferent 
Uri Geller is a global figure that pushed (and still pushes) the mystery of the Mind in a realistic and real manner.

This quote comes from his Blackpool 2020 Lecture (which you can watch in HERE) . I loved several insights, but this is the one that I curated, because it offers a comical (in the true theatrical sense) observation about his classic fight with the skeptic James Randi.

We need to use everything that happens around us, and re-direct it (utilization technique). If you know Judo, you will understand what I am talking about. 
Be the one that transform adversity into energy that you can re-channel in positive ways.

James Randi was James Randi thanks to Uri Geller
Uri Geller was Uri Geller thanks to James Randi.

Lets be thankful and lets see beyond our past or present.

Let me tell you a brief family story: I have an uncle, which is a Baptist Pastor, Theologist and VERY smart person, and he still remembers that israeli young man that made his watch worked after 20 years. 
It is not about fooling people, but about expanding the mind.

Uri is indeed someone that can create legends.

Leaving political parties aside, please hear Daniel Netanyahu´s words on Uri.

All phenomena is mind-based. You dont actually need to do something in ordinary physical reality in order to let others experience it (thats is why you can ACTUALLY do the "Holy Grails" in Mentalism already). The final experience is not the Outer Reality, but the phenomena that occurs in your participant due that Outer Reality.

Is not what you do in the Inner Reality
Is what they EXPERIENCE in the Outer Reality

How did Uri bent all those spoons simultaneously? 

A simple explanation: Because he is Uri.
And as Daniel said, his bigger super-power is being an human being.

I dont want to "change your mind" about Uri Geller and his previous approach to performance. We can learn from every person, leaving aside any disagreements. 

I hope that you can do this and apply this mindset of utilization in your week, and why not, in your life.

Thanks Uri! 


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