Quote of the Week: Max Maven

(Photo by Sandy Chang, thanks for the permission, beautiful pic)

Max Maven is without a doubt a powerful influence and one of the most prolific creators. This quote comes from his “The Insider” interview at Vanishing Inc.
Wonderful content that contain several insights about creativity, propless Mentalism and fun stories.

I completely agree with Max in this notion. We assume that because we are the performers and we are the center of the physical focus, we must center the performance about ourselves, and this is not just boring but limiting. 

Star Wars is JUST about Luke Skywalker?
Imagine a version of that movie (or anyone that uses "The Hero Journey´s" plot) like that...sound terrible, right?

Our performance is not a just a demonstration of skill. We are not there to do just tricks, we can push further and reach higher than that.

Yes, you are using your body and your self in order to communicate with your audience with Mentalism, but it is NOT about you!

Read that again (and you can read it constantly in our contents): 
The performance IS NOT about you.

This holds truth both in all levels of our potential practices of Mentalism. 

If you are a trade show performer, you are there to convey the message of the company. If you are a dramatic performer, you are there to express yourself in an artistic manner. If you feel that your role transcends your self and your message offers observations that can inspire others to appreciate the mysteries of our reality, this holds even further and deeper truth.

Yes, you can use your narratives, you can use whatever motivates you. Let the audience appreciate your vulnerability but be aware that you are not the goal, but a way. Mentalism is not a goal, but a way.

For what? You decide.

Thanks Max for your wonderful work and inspiration!


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