Quote of the Week: Alain Nu

This week, we feature a wonderful quote from Alain Nu-Nu Speaks VideoLecture, that brings a new perspective into being "psychic".

For sure, the word "psychic" can bring to our audience´s mind images and ideas that we dont want to portray, but in our own reflection and language, we can realize that being "psychic" is actually a common state. 

The word "psychic" comes from the Greek psykhikos, which means "of the soul, spirit, or mind", and "Psyche" means both butterfly and the the goddess of the soul in greek mythology.

So the concept is far more than just our modern definition and associations.

In order to create realistic Mystery Performance we need to allow ourselves to be psychic in this deeper manner. It is not just about faking ESP, but truly exploring your natural potential. Our limits of understandings is not limited by our present understanding, so I invite you this week to open your mind to new possibilities in your performance and daily life.

Intuition is knowledge without reason, and works in an instant. Dont just "trust your intuition" as everyone says, but value it as much as your reason, in a proper balance. Feel it and let it be, especially in performances.

A classic example is readings in the context of a performance.

In my new book Simply Mental II I have a routine called "Ungimmicked Technicolor" which allows you to create a great opener (inspired by Mark Lewis-Technicolor Prediction) without any gimmicks or special props. In this piece, I add a color reading for each participant. It is not needed, but THAT is the beauty of it. That small extra addition elevates the experience into a new realm of realism, and it is nothing groundbreaking or supernatural, but openness and as Alain says "the most obvious answer".

We are minds, use it wisely and powerfully.

Thanks Alain for the insights! 


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