Quote of the Week: Carl Jung

A new week, and a new "Quote of the Week"! 

In this instance, the powerful and deep Carl Jung, psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who founded analytical psychology and one of the most profound modern thinkers, specially in complex themes such as symbolism, the mystic experiences, the notion of archetypes and others beautiful contributions.

He was brave enough to "go out" of the purely academic and took the root of "human archeologist", researching the depths of the mind and the phenomenology of the self. 

This quote can sound a little bit "hippie" and just a metaphor, and although it is a metaphor, it is also real, and highly practical and powerful both in everyday life and in our role as Mystery Performers.

If you are not aware of your unconscious ways, those patterns will guide your life, and that is why we must reflect in order to observe our actions and thoughts. Most of the time, we try to learn from the outside. We wait that new release or the latest and "ultimate" whatever in order to let that shape our unknown style and persona in perfomance. Even though we can obviously learn from the outside, authenticity comes from the inside.

Do you know the word "insight", right? In-Sight. 

Seeing inside is what gives you that realization.

If you take our "Mentalism Course" (50% OFF During Quarantine times) you will be able to truly observe yourself and not just what you do, so in that way what you do is transformed because YOU transform yourself first. 

It is time to wake up. Stop the consumerism behaviour (which assumes that the more you consume, the best you are)  and truly transform your ways. You have incredible potential, lets move it together!

Thanks Carl Jung for all your amazing contributions


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