Quote of the Week: Kenton Knepper

In the fantastic work from my mentor Kenton Knepper called "Modern Miracles of Suggestion" (which you can find here), you will find so many hidden gems , and I dont mean just "routines" but powerful insights like this one. 

Do you want to achieve a new status of being not just a performer, but and embodiment of Mystery?
Do you want to TRULY going beyond, understanding your actions not just as mere pretended skills, but REAL skills?

Kenton´s work is highly focused in "suggestion", which is normally just observed as "subtle communication", but it is so much more than that, and as soon as you allow yourself to truly explore those ideas, you will realize how wonderful is to being able to truly develop your mind into new levels of realism.

Dont act realistic, be REAL.

Expand your mind, elevate your observations and you will observe new doors, windows and path for you to take.

Imagine if you can just enter to a room, and truly change the energy or the "vibe" on the place by your mere presence. You can achieve that by using "suggestion" as a powerful conscious tool not just in your "repertoire" but in your being.

It sounds truly magical, and it is, because the essence of reality is Magic. Human beings have that inherent need for the mysterious, that notion of meaning and complex language. All those aspects that are essential for us as human beings are part of the pure and core aspect of Mystery that we dont just express in metaphoric sense in our performance, but we can also manifest in our self.

A lot of people asked me about my personal practices of creativity and expansion in this wonderful path as Mentalist, and let me tell you that a fundamental aspect is the teachings and inspiration from my mentor. So dont just study the latest releases made by younger generations but explore further the classics that are the source of those newest creations.

Thanks Kenton for your wonderful inspiration and guidance towards a true authentic expression of Mystery Performance!


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