Quote of the Week: Eugene Burger

Eugene Burger is not just a master Magician, but someone that truly understood the power of Mystery Performance and the power of true Mystery in life.

If you read in between the lines, you will see that he was planting deep thoughts and reflections that can show us the deeper impact of words, thoughts and actions.

Do you identify with negative thoughts?
What are negative thoughts?

"Im so stupid, I cant do that..."
"I am to old to learn..."
"I am too young to understand..."

Be attentive of your own inner narrative. 
The beautiful thing is that we are NOT our thoughts. Our thoughts dont rule our path in life. We can CHANGE our thoughts, and understand our present being in optimistic manners:

"This is difficult for me, but I will do my best..."
"Maybe I dont know the new technologies as well as young generations, but I can be flexible..."
"My young age gives me the opportunity to bring innovation to our wonderful tradition..."

Yes, they are more complex phrases, and they will take more time and effort for you, but this type of language shows that you can reflect about your present state from constructive sides, not destructive ones.

This week, lets follow this beautiful quote from Eugene, and let be that transformative entity. We can be the ones that can truly transform the negative to the positive. First in ourselves, and then to others both in performance and in life.


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