Quote of the Week: Martin Luther King

There are people that transcend the human limitations , and they touch aspects of the archetypical hero. Martin Luther King was one of them and sadly due the recent racist murder attack from Derek Chauvin to George Floyd, we can reflect from our own position as Mystery Performers about our role in this situation.

What can we do to collaborate? 
How can we serve the world using our wonderful opportunities in Mystery Performance?

If we take inspiration from this quote, we can remember that fame is non-sense. Sure, it will arrive maybe, but dont believe in the lies of it. Strive for greatness, for a mind that is connected with the true real world and the needs that people have. 

Something as simple as having this focus next time you write your script. Use themes and narratives that are not only your own expression, but also are the expression of everyone, and you can only reach this if you are connected with the mind of everyone in a true and real sense.

This world needs LOVE. How can we communicate and share that love with our audiences?

Thats a personal question that only you can reply for your own performances.

You dont need degrees or deep levels of knowledge. Kindness is one step away, and you can use your performance in order to accentuate the importance of this values.

In a symbolic manner, everyone needs to breath. I can do a change, you can do a change, everyone can do a change.


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