Quote of the Week-Rupert Sheldrake

Rupert Sheldrake is a controversial scientist that offers an open-mind observation into taboo topics such as telepathy and the nature of the mind.

I love his approach and concepts such as "Extended Mind" and the "Morphic Fields" theory. You can study his books and content online.

But Pablo.. he is not a Mentalist.. why is he here? 

I am always astonished by Mentalists that DONT know a thing about the "mind" as concept. With this I dont mean that we need to accept this non-materialistic approaches, it is your own decision, but at least we need to know them to have a proper argument.

I love his reflections about attention and intention and the true power of our mind, beyond the physical cognitive notion of the brain as the only manifestation of that construct.

"Our minds reach out to touch what we are looking at" is other quote that I took from THIS document , that can offer you not just great content but also creative inspiration for your performances.

The invitation with this Quote of the Week is to open your mind, to be a healthy skeptic and to truly study our core theme in Mentalism. This art is too beautiful to be mediocre and lazy. If we have the opportunity to learn, to expand our language and understand through our own reflection, we will quickly learn that you can use the pieces that you already have in your repertoire, and re-create them in authentic ways.


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