Quote of the Week: Stephen King

Stephen King, one of the most influential modern authors, understands the power of language and telepathy.

It is funny to see the state of the art in our conversations in Magic and Mentalism. Most of the times our conversations are about the "best technique" or the "new gimmick" or any other superficial non-sense.

We are the ones in society that can create the reality of telepathy and at the same time we dont know nothing about the nature of the mind. 

How can we change that? Well...studying, reflecting and be aware of the power and responsibility that we have. 

Written language allows us to express the mind in physical form. Writing allows us to materialize thoughts and transform this metaphysical reality into a permanent  message across time.

Telepathy is not about laboratory conditions or un-emotional actions. Telepathy is not even "paranormal" as sometimes we think about it. Telepathy is a normal activity in life, which can be understood using the psychological view as "empathy". 
Empathy is a powerful tool that we need to develop in order to create realistic telepathic experiences for our audiences.

Reflect about that quote during your week, and allow your unconscious to use the energy of that idea for your performance and understanding.


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