Intuitive Affirmation


Yesterday I was talking with someone  that time ago went to one of my perfomances.

She said: 

"Maybe you dont remember this Pablo, but you asked everyone to think in personal questions of the future and you choose me for participation. I didnt tell you my question, which was about buying my own house, and you told me: "you will struggle a little bit to get it, but you will!", and you know what Pablo, this is the house that you predicted!"

You can imagine my emotions and reactions. It is amazing how, if we leave space for mystery, mystery will appear.

How I did this?

Using "Tarot Q&A" from Simply Mental II and applying a technique that I call "Intuitive Affirmation". Using our natural intuition we can manifest for someone a powerful positive future and reality!

The line that I use:    "you will struggle a little bit to get it, but you will!" it IS NOT a Barnum Statement that tries to "get a hit" just for the sake of my own ego. 

What I am doing is to use ambiguous language in conscious ways to open the opportunity of my participant to take action and to be from a position of "Learned Optimism" . If you analyze that line, you will see that I am presuposing that  the participant will get the house. How I know? Because most people that truly dream about owning a house will work hard towards that! With my "Intuitive Affirmation" I am moving the attention and intention towards the natural struggle and powerful potential ending. 

If you see, this technique is a natural way of language for many people, especially emotionally intelligent ones. The difference in here is that we are using it in the context of a Mystery Performance, with a clear goal of creating a mysterious experience and observation about the potential future.

So, I invite you to re-think the power of ambiguos language in performance and to apply this "Intuitive Affirmation" technique not just in Q&A but in any routine that you want


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