Quote of the Week: Albert Einstein

One of the greatest scientist of our modern era understood the power of imagination, creativity and of course, intuitions.

Can you relate to this quote?
Do you believe in your intuition?
How is your inner connection?

Intuition is far more than just a "theme" in performance. Intuition is a deep concept that as soon as you can integrate and apply in your life, you will observe great differences and potential. We can use intuition as a technique in Mystery Performance, elevating the experience for our audiences and participant.

For example, in the "Elegant Psychometry"  piece (Annemann-Pseudo Psychometry using velvet bags) it is imperative to add intuitive impressions and conversations in order to go deeper into the potential impact that we can create for our participants.

ANY Mentalism piece can be enhanced with the use of intuition.

We dont need to confront intuition and reason at all. Sometimes we can tend to think that we need to only embrace one as "the way". As a matter of fact, we can embrace both and understand them as powerful tools both in life and performance and allow them to be in a healthy dialectic.

Trust your reason, trust your intuition.

Learn more about intuition and the true power of the mind! 

If you are interested in powerful insights about intuition , be sure to check the work of Carlos Emesqua-Psychic Moments and Madame Q-The Mysteries of Madame Q 



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