Quote of the Week: Eugene Burger

Who is your master? 
Who is your mentor?
Who is that person that shows you the potential of your own self?

If we are not aware and awake of this consumerist trance in which we are as society, we will believe this notion that the true and deeper knowledge is available for sale. You apparently only need money to be a Mystery Performer.

Not at all.

One of the best sources of learning is a deep and engaging conversation. Those magical interactions in which you feel that time just flows an as Eugene said in this beautiful quote, someone is giving you a piece of powerful wisdom in the act of a whisper.

Recently I share with to one of the participants of our "Mentalism Course" this simple and powerful exercise of self-knowledge and "fruit work".

"Write the 7 guiding words in your path as Mystery Performer"

Yes, only 7 words. Those concepts and constructs that are truly fundamental in every piece and performance that you do.
Find those 7 words and apply them in conscious manners.

If you take these ideas and actions, you will find the sinergetic power of master-student interaction.

Yes, you can still learn new material for your repertoire, but always remember that is not what you do, is WHY you do it.

Thanks Master Eugene for those beautiful words!



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