Quote of the Week: Kenton Knepper

This Quote of the Week comes from my dear mentor Kenton Knepper, from his book "Kenton´s Principle", a repository of incredibly powerful ideas that can transform your path in Mystery Performances.

Kenton´s ideas are without a doubt a constant reminder of the power of the mind. Imagination is one of those metaphysical realities that we use everyday and at the same time is so under appreciated. Thanks to our power of imagine, we can visualize potential futures, we can connect with others and we can change our reality.

If you think about it in pragmatic sense, having a "vision" (teamwork concept) means literally predict the future and act according to that applied imagination. So the esoteric knowledge of Correspondence (as above, so below...) is also applicable to the skill of imagination.

As Kenton says: "everything is suggestion" and  what you imagine during performance works actually as a suggestion that your audience and participants will feel.

So be very careful of what you imagine, because it will manifest in physical reality.
Thats why most performers fail in use gimmick/special props. They are constantly worrying, and those mental images are suggested externally.

That is why I prefer to understand that we must camouflage the Inner Reality on the Outer Reality. In this approach, we dont need to hide actions perse, but exploring a meaningful way in which my actions or props are present in motivate and natural ways.

A basic example is our "MultiVelvet Bags"
They are special velvet bags and in performance, because I am not focusing on the "specialness" of the bag but focusing in the mysterious interaction with my audience, people will not ask me to "check those bags". 
They dont CARE about the bag, but about the mystery that we are creating, and that is because I CARE about the mystery that we are creating.

You dont need more "fooling props", but more "authentic focus" in which is truly relevant.

Imagine good thoughts, imagine powerful energies and authentic presence. 

Thank you Kenton for your powerful imagination!


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