Quote of the Week: Terence McKenna


What is a secret?
What is the deeper nature of secrets?

Today, we receive the powerful inspiration from the psychonaut and modern shaman Terence McKenna regarding this present concept in our performances.

We buy the latest release to learn a "new secret". We believe that money is the key to expansion and new possibilities, and even though it is imperative to spread your options as much as possible, we know that having is not the same as knowing and knowing is not the same as being.

This great piece of wisdom is related to the previous "Quote of the Week" from Eugene. A mentor is the one that can catalyze your own self-discovery and the one that can guide you to find your own understandings.

You will never buy secrets. Yes, you can get the fooling idea that will make you feel good for a moment...but why?

Mystery Performance is not about yourself, is about searching meaning in the co-creation of the experience, and it is only in that deeper observation in which we will find our own secrets, which cant be told.

We can try to express in language what is really important:

Be yourself
Go beyond the phenomena

But you know that those ideas can grasp the deeper meaning of those actions.

Be inspired, reflect and share your own vision.

Thanks Terence for your constant inspiration!


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