Quote of the Week: Alex Grey

This week, a powerful invitation from the visionary artist Alex Grey.

His work reminds us the infinite power of the mind and the possibilities of the imagination.


What is your picture of reality?
How can we communicate the depth of the mind in our performance?

A simple and powerful way that I invite you to explore is the focus on "themes" and well designed scripts. 
Most of the times as Mystery Performers we take the normal route of learning a new technique or piece and just demonstrate the phenomena, using a descriptive script.
My invitation today is to push further, using authentic themes as fundamental aspect in the design of the experiences and a script that works quite literally as "spells". My mentor Kenton Knepper in his seminal "Wonder Words" reminds us the power of words as magical constructions. In my experience, this is true and a "new" understanding to consciously add.

Is your picture of reality powerfully profoundly beautiful?
Yes: Go for it and explore !
No: Transform it!

One of the biggest illusions of our modern era is this notions that we are NOT able of transforming our minds. The consumerist narrative says that in order to improve our quality of life, we must buy and have stuff. I am here to remind you that you CAN transform your reality into a one that feels full of beauty, power and gratitude.

With your words and powerful performances you can paint for your audiences a beautiful experience. Go deeper and enjoy!

Thanks Alex for your wonderful art.


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