Quote of the Week. J. B. Rhine

The father of parapsychology reminds us today the nature of the mind phenomena as metaphysical and spiritual.

Yes, spiritual. We dont need to fear or feel aversion to this notion. All our efforts and techniques can be understood by the classic polarity of physical and metaphysical.

Physical is the use of mechanical and body technique, which alludes to the physical plane such as the center tear, the secret writing, staging etc. The metaphysical aspect of our techniques alludes to all those things which exist but we cant touch. Eye contact, intention, imagination, intuition, empathy, and all those aspects that are indeed part of our technical development are metaphysical in nature.

If you know the "4 Dimensions of Techniques", you can understand now that just the "body" is purely physical and the mind, soul and spirit are indeed metaphysical in nature.

The phenomena that we are creating in performance is indeed metaphysical in nature. Yes, maybe we can use a billet or ESP Cards or whatever, but the true essence is purely phenomenology of the mind.

It doesnt matter if you are a "psychic" or "psychological" type of performer, both experiences finally are metaphysical. Remember that psychology is just a modern version of the mystic arts.  

This week, embrace your role both in the physical and metaphysical plane and enjoy the full holistic approach of Mentalism! 


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